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Bigger Isn’t Always Better


Is anyone else as disturbed by the giant baby commercial as I am? For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s a commercial for auto insurance in which a giant baby represents a guy’s car. So in every scene, where you would see his car, you instead see a giant baby in a diaper. I do understand the concept of thinking of your car as your “baby”, but I think it might have been a bad advertising move to represent it in this particular way.

As most of you know, I’m not that into babies. They’re cute and all, as long as they remain close to their parents. In my younger days, when any of my friends had baby showers after the baby was born, and it came time to “pass the baby”, the babies always cried when they came to me. They must have had a sixth sense as to how I truly felt about babies. I’m just not comfortable around them, and don’t really know what to do with them. Don’t get me wrong…having spent the bulk of my adult life as a teacher, I do appreciate those that have babies…otherwise, I’d have been out of a job. They’re just not for me.

So when I first saw this giant baby commercial, it didn’t take much for me to think this was not as cute as intended. The fact that the baby is oversized exaggerates all of its features in some sort of grotesque way to me. Bigger mouth, more drool. Bigger hands, more chance to be grasped by drool-covered fingers. Bigger diaper…you get the picture.

And think of this baby, put into all sorts of unsafe situations. Albeit the baby is enormous, likely less in danger than a regular sized baby (and it’s just a commercial), it’s still somewhat disconcerting to me. Not having had children, I usually go right for the extreme worry over things when I see babies in certain situations. A baby should not be sitting on an auto repair shop floor, playing with tires. A baby should not be sitting in a big store parking lot. It’s just dangerous. If this was a real baby, the parents would surely end up losing their child to social services.

I know there’s always been the use of over-sized things to impress us or sell us things. The giant, out of control spiders, flies, gorillas, and bees in the old movies…all very horrifying. Super-sized fries, quadruple burgers, steaks the size of a small cat…come and get it! But for me, I can’t think of any situation in which babies need to be super-sized. They should always remain in the normal size range…small enough to fit in their parents’ arms…not large enough to fill a parking space at Target.