Monthly Archives: January 2017

Please Hold…Just Deal With It


I’m on hold with MNSure. One hour and counting. This is the THIRD call I’ve had to make to MNSure in the past couple of weeks. Each one has been a TWO HOUR wait on hold before even talking to anyone. And that comes complete with a Kenny G loop while on hold as a special bonus. And then, if you’re lucky enough to get through to a human, it’s sometimes it’s an hour or so talking to someone, just to complete a seemingly simple task. (For those of you not in Minnesota, MNSure is our version of

This reminds me of a time several years ago, when I came up with the idea to hire myself out as a “dealer” of sorts. You pay me to deal with your calls, letters, emails necessary to take care of issues with insurance companies, credit card companies, medical billing departments, utility companies, etc. I’ve always thought there should be a “life handbook” issued to guide us through the various trials and tribulations associated with living in this world of ours. Everything seems so difficult to navigate, even if you have some basic knowledge about a certain system or process, are fairly intelligent, and think you can figure out what to do. Add to that the frustration and sometimes even fear that comes when it’s a personal issue that you must take care of, and you probably will face some hair pulling and tears in the process.

If you hire me to be your “dealer” you get out of all the hair pulling and tears. And I won’t suffer as much knowing it’s not MY health insurance I need to put to rights, it’s YOURS. I can deal on your behalf without the emotions that come into play when dealing with your own personal issues. Problem solved, eh?

But right now, I’m not so sure I’d last very long as a dealer. Right now I just want to make it all stop. Kenny G. Pre-recorded announcements as to how much MNSure has to offer me. And the MNSure agents who don’t seem to know how to do what they are supposed to do. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to just deal with it.