Monthly Archives: November 2015

Fishin’ For Deer


Do they really not get it? Season after season, they MUST see it coming, don’t you think? Animals have senses we humans don’t…they can sense danger. Creatures of all kinds learn to avoid their predators…some with disguises, some with clever antics…all to avoid being eaten. Yet every year, the deer and fish seem to be totally scammed by us humans who sneak up on them with rifles, arrows, lures, and bait.

I’m not a hunter at all, and not much of a fisherman, but I just don’t get how these fish and deer haven’t figured it out yet. Surely those deer can hear the hunters crunching through the leaves to assume the position. Surely they can spot the bright orange clothing, just as other hunters are supposed to do. And when they hear the gunshots ringing through the woods, and witness the murder of their comrades, don’t you think they should put this all together in their little deer heads and RUN and HIDE? But no, they saunter around, and sometimes, even walk right out in front of the hunter with the weapon. What’s up with that?

And it’s not just during hunting season that the deer appear clueless to danger. Surely by now they have learned to identify the sound of vehicles motoring down the highways and byways. Surely they have learned to associate the sight of bright headlights with danger. Surely the sound of a large vehicle barreling down the road towards them would cause them to RUN and HIDE. But no, they leap directly out in front of the large, speeding vehicle, or even ONTO the large, speeding vehicle. C’mon, deer…we expected so much more from you!

And the fish. There they are, swimming along, eating whatever passes, pooping as they go. Resting under some weeds, or hunkering down in the cool sandy bottom of the lake. Racing the other fish, doing fish flips…really enjoying fish life. But then, they see the bottom of the boat above them. The first sign of danger. Does this scare them off? NO! Then the lure drops into the water. Does it really fool them? Does a wooden, plastic or metal lure controlled by a human at the end of the line REALLY look like live food to them? Does the fact that this food plops into the water, is jerked along, and then rises to the top of the lake and disappears, only to reappear with the next cast not clue them in to the fact that this is NOT natural, live food?

Yep. Every time. They suddenly lose all sense of survival. Just doesn’t make sense. Perhaps this is why I am not much of a fisherman, and not at all a hunter. I’m always rooting for the deer or the fish. RUN! HIDE! LIVE!