Monthly Archives: October 2015

Sports Shorts


As many of you know, I don’t follow sports much. But I do pay enough attention to it to notice that it’s taking over. For those of you that love sports, this is great. But for those of us that don’t, it’s a real annoyance.

A friend recently told me, “It’s all about the money.” Don’t even get me started on that! The cost of a ticket is outrageous. The prices and vast selection of sporting apparel are outrageous. Salaries are outrageous. And if we compare the salary of a football, basketball, hockey or baseball player to that of a teacher, nurse, firefighter or social worker, it’s just plain sad.

But I want to talk about the invasion of sports into our daily lives. Sporting events are broadcast all the time now. Seasons have been extended, and now overlap, so there is never a time when you can’t find a sporting event on TV. When I was young, I remember my dad getting geared up to watch the big football game on Sunday. Then came Monday Night Football, and now, we have games on Friday nights, Saturdays, and now Thursday Night Football. Really, it would be easier to just say Football Free Tuesdays & Wednesdays, eh?

And on the news every day, we hear about all of the injuries taking players off the field or court. I never knew, nor wanted to know, what a blown ACL was until they started reporting it on the sports shorts. We hear every detail of the aches and pains of these professional athletes, right down to the pinkie toe that is keeping someone out of the game. Someone who is being paid a MILLION dollars to either play or sit out that game. Can you imagine how ridiculous it would be if this was done with other professions? Pittsburgh science teacher John Renfro is out of the classroom with ongoing hemorrhoid issues. He will be benched for at least two weeks (with a rubber donut) as he recovers from surgery. Or Daytona plumber Nathan Johnson is sitting out this cooling season with carpal tunnel, which has thrown a wrench into his busiest season.

And we also are inundated with the “news” of well-known sports figures. Assault charges, drug deals, rape, theft…we hear it all. But you rarely hear Nasa research scientist Nils Pederson was pulled over on Sunday for distracted driving while searching the internet. Or Dallas vet tech Lucy Amondson was cited for the possession of 7 dogs within the city limits…5 too many according to city ordinance.

I’m just tired of missing TV shows due to sporting events. I can understand when programming might occasionally be interrupted for a 10-minute severe weather update or the report of a massive attack on the US by some terrorists, but we are regularly forced to miss our favorite programming for a 3 hour football game, complete with overtime and the all-important post-game commentary. Boy! They really played the hell out of that game, eh? Or Just look at the disappointment on their faces. All I wanted was to see the season premiere of Madame Secretary.