The Lists Have Taken Over Again


I know I’ve talked before about how compulsive I can be about making lists. But recently, I’ve been able to give up some of my list-making, which is quite contrary to my usual obsession with the small sheets of paper loaded with bulleted items. I’ve found that I can do without the weekly chores going on a list…the ones that you repeat every week, like laundry, cleaning, etc. I was pretty proud of myself for getting to this point, and it actually lowered my stress level about getting things done. Imagine! Less stress! YAY, me!

But I’m getting ready to go on a short vacation. Just a few days at a cabin up north. Pretty simple planning…no planes or trains…just an automobile. No fancy clothing needed, and just me, getting in the car and driving up there to relax for a few days. Easy, eh? Well, not so much.

It started with the list of things I needed to do before I go. Then the list of things I wanted to bring along to do…puzzles, books, writing materials, camera, coloring materials, etc. Then the foodstuffs for cooking in the cabin. And I couldn’t neglect a clothing list. Then I had to create a list for my house/pet sitter, because I’m sure she couldn’t find the cat food on her own, without my detailed directions, right? Oh, and speaking of directions, there’s the sketch I had to make of the route to the cabin, even though I have a smartphone that can guide me right to the door! Hey, I can’t help it if I’m a visual person.

And I’ve already revised these lists several times, as I change my mind about things, remember something, or if I’m not quite happy with the organization of the lists. And each time I add something to one of the lists, it causes me to adjust at least one of the other lists in some fashion.

Yes, I’m totally hooked on the list making again. And how much stuff does one person need for just a few days? Why can’t I just toss a few things in a bag, get in the car and go? What would that even be like? Are there people that can do that?


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  1. I suffer from the same diagnosis…. I love lists, how they look, and how they look once I have drawn the line through a completed task. I’m sure there is a name for this in the DSM (diagnostic mental health manual ), I hope it’s in list form.

    As far as “breaking the habit”…… I have been trying to do just that over the past year. In fact, I went by train to Chicago this summer with JUST A BACK PACK of items for a 3 day convention. BUT… when I packed to go to the cabin a few days ago, I had boxes, bags, bins and bundles of stuff. I think this is one of the underlying clues for this strange and untreatable illness.

    Have a great time…. and show me a list when you get back.

  2. It seems so easy to just go out of town, until you think of everything that needs to be done to do so. Hope you have fun on your vacation!!! 🙂

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