Oh, The People That You Meet


In the past few years, I’ve been moved by several amazing people I’ve had the pleasure to meet in various situations. These are not people that my friends introduced me to, or that I met at a party or social event. These are people that I came into contact with because of life’s stuff. The things you’ve gotta do, the things that happen to you, or just in ordinary routines. A nurse navigator, a physical therapist, a tax preparer, a couple of people who’ve been through a very similar health issue, and even a “foob fitter” (yes, I said “foob fitter”, which is a person who helps you find prosthetic boobs after a mastectomy.) Those are some of my amazing people.

In any of life’s situations, we meet all sorts of people. A nurse, a caller at work, a neighbor, the gal in line behind you at the DMV, a fellow shopper at the grocery store, a guy on the elevator with you, or the cashier at the gas station. Most of these folks we bump into make a very small impression on our lives. We are around them for just minutes, or maybe a bit longer. We exchange polite smiles, nods, or even small conversations. We have our business with them, and it’s over.

But then there are those that we do more than just bump into. We connect on some level. They come to us when we are in need. One minute we didn’t know they existed, and the next, they are a lifeline to us. There is an instant bond due to the situation we are in. Suddenly, they become very important to us, and, although they start out providing some service to us, or we meet by circumstance, we become friends, even if for a short time.

I started thinking about these encounters in life. All of us are just little bits of humanity, bouncing around through life, floating hither and yon. And as we float and bounce, we bump into other bits of humanity. Sometimes it’s a small bump, and we’re on our way in another direction. But sometimes we stick for a minute. We have some sort of interaction. In my mind it’s like those animations of atoms bouncing around, joining up with others as they go. But in the human world, it’s much more meaningful.

I’m extremely grateful for having had the chance to bump into my amazing people. They’ve provided comfort in scary situations, sensibility when all seemed out of control, and a listening ear when no one else would understand. I hope that as I’ve been bouncing around, I’ve stuck to others for a bit, as well. Happy bouncing, people!


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