Take Me Away, Calgon!


When you’re a kid, you are always told that decisions are made because I’m the adult, and you’re the child. We grow up believing that adulthood holds some sort of magical wisdom and power. Something we can’t wait to attain.

And then, it happens. YOU are the adult. YOU get to decide what to do with your time, what to spend your money on, and all sorts of other things. You are the master of your universe! Finally!

I’ve been an adult for many years now, and as an adult, I’ve faced many a responsibility. Many times, these are things you do fairly easily, without much debate or consideration. Take out the dog. Feed the cats. Do the laundry. Go to work. Pay the bills. Mow the lawn.

But there are times when responsibilities get the best of me. I discovered many years ago that when this happens, I go into take me away, Calgon mode. Remember the old commercial in which the woman escapes to the relaxing bath, and it magically takes away all of her stress? Yeah, well that doesn’t happen. But sometimes, I sure do wish for it.

It’s when you have several things pending that need your attention. The pipes freeze. The coffee pot goes on the fritz. You know you should start on those classes you need to take to renew your teaching license. You have to deal with MNSure one more time in order to get a tax form. You have projects to complete at work, but keep getting interrupted. You need to get that stupid low tire light to go off in the car. You have to remember to get the car washed when it’s not 25 below.

That’s when I crawl into that Calgon bath in my mind. I want to flee, far from responsibilities. I’m tired of being the one who has to decide, deal, act, remember, or make it all happen. I just want someone to come along and take care of it all. I’m tired of being the adult. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be, kids, trust me!


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