Who Cares?


It’s tough, worrying all the time. Why can’t I stop? How hard would that be? What would happen if I just stopped? End of life as I know it? Spontaneous combustion?

I’m sure there are some who don’t worry, but aren’t they the ones who end up running into trouble? Living off of the relatives? Ending up in jail for not paying the bills? Then there are those who don’t worry because they don’t have to. The very wealthy. Those who are cared for by others. Look at young children, or those with developmental disabilities. They have the best attitude when it comes to worry…no worries! And they are truly happy people! How can I learn from them?

Sure, worry usually doesn’t affect the outcome. But if you didn’t worry at all, wouldn’t you just swing through life, offending others, being irresponsible, or even unsafe? If one day I decide not to worry about personal hygiene, for example, it’s a very bad day for those around me. And if I don’t worry about the clock, I lose my job, and miss out on a lot, disappointing and pissing off a lot of people. If I stop worrying about money, the bills aren’t paid, and eventually I become one of those mentioned above…in jail, homeless, or worse!

It’s been said that worry gets you nowhere. But sometimes it gets me through. Thinking of outcomes – is that worry? Exploring consequences, worst-case scenarios – is that worry, or cautionary planning? Worry over responsibilities – isn’t that being an adult?

Sometimes it’s just a mild worry – others it’s downright painful. When it interferes with daily tasks, work, functioning, then it’s serious. And not good for me. When it leads me to take stupid action – not good. If I find myself moving into the heavy worry phase, my nails get shorter, my diet and sleep suffer, and I can’t concentrate. I don’t enjoy other things while worry takes over. I get to the point at which I have no outlet for my angst…even the journaling doesn’t cut it. I enter the zombie zone. I cannot function until this situation is resolved.

But I don’t understand how anyone could NOT worry at all. Ever. So, if any of you have figured out how to get by without worries, please let me know! I think it’s in my genes.


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