It’s a Marshmallow World All Right!


I am really glad that Christmas is over, because I’m really tired of hearing the Marshmallow World commercial. And I really hope that Target will not think that just because its holiday commercial has snowmen in it that it can carry on past Christmas with it. A marshmallow world? I don’t think so!

It all started with a semi-annoying version that featured the mangling of a once benign old song sung by Bing Crosby, turning it into a jingle-jangly, repetitive song that invades the brain. It was all based on the Alice in Wonderland type scene, but all about kids and presents (and shopping at Target, of course.) That was enough for me. I remember thinking, “How can I endure hearing this a thousand times in the next couple of weeks?” I had no idea what was to come.

That version soon morphed into another several versions, all of which featured some rendition of the marshmallow song. But there’s a twist. Now the song turns a bit discordant and seems to be less and less about holiday gift heaven. The next one features nice kids getting cell phones, and the naughty kid getting a huge, dusty, ancient mobile phone, delivered out of a giant penguin’s mouth. Where else would you find one?

And then, the song gets even more maniacal, and suddenly the story changes to exploding snowmen. Yep. The heads just pop apart, leaving a trail of glitter. How does this represent Christmas? Or Christmas shopping? They’re selling headphones, and when the kid cranks up the volume, the snowmen’s heads start exploding. How does this help sell these headphones?

So, Target, I know you’re having a string of bad luck these days, but PLEASE consider ending the marshmallow world. Or maybe that’s your plan for the last in the series…destroy the planet with marshmallow fluff! Happy Holidays!


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  1. I think maybe you have predicted the end of the world. to be enveloped in marshmallow goo (which is what by the way ? The same substance as cotton candy ? …. or some other such sugar based demise ? )… that’s it, that’s the apocalypse we have all been fearing. the exploding snowmen ? GOTTA THINK ABOUT THAT.

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