Trick or Treating Exhausts Me


Well, another Halloween has come and gone, and I am exhausted! And I didn’t even GO trick or treating…I just stayed home and passed out candy! I’ve always loved Halloween. Over the years, I’ve gone from child participant, to young adult party-goer, to adult candy passer-outer, and have enjoyed all of the phases. I live on a street in a small town referred to as “Halloween Alley”, where it ranges between 150 and 500 trick or treaters, so it’s a sure thing that I get to satisfy my Halloween fix each year.

I get into carving unique pumpkins, and have recently moved to the second tier of carving skill, using a dremel tool for some cool effects. I roast the seeds and try out different types of seasoning each year…this year was garlic and Old Bay, which was quite tasty. And I agonize over the candy. How much? What types? Do I go with the theory that if I buy what I don’t like I won’t eat as much, or the one where I might as well buy what I like because if I have a lot left I will enjoy eating it and not have it go to waste? Either way, I always seem to consume way too much of it. And I love keeping track of how many little princesses, zombies, and pirates come knocking.

But there ARE some drawbacks to Halloween. You have to be ready, often after a long day at work, for the early travelers. These are usually the very young, or the only children of over-protective parents. Then you have the get up, sit down thing going for the next 3 or 4 hours. Now, that doesn’t sound so hard, but I realized last night how very hard it is on this old body.

There’s also the challenge of having enough candy in your hands to cover the larger numbers of kids who come in packs. I have a huge bowl of candy, much too heavy to carry to the door each time, and I have cats to keep indoors, so can’t stand with the door open. So, I grab handfuls of candy and step out the door. Last night I packed the pockets of my vest with backup candy, just to be sure I’d not have to go back in the house to cover the groups that come on trailers and in vans. Guess I could consider a smaller bowl to use for the actual delivery, eh?

And, living alone, there’s the challenge of trying to eat supper, let the dog out, or go to the bathroom without missing some visitors banging on the door. It wouldn’t be so bad if they’d wait patiently until you made it to the door, but, no…some of these little people in disguises will just open the door and walk right in, whether you’re there or not! Bold little munchkins!

Then there are the shady characters…the young adults in a bit of a costume, with their hands out (no bag for candy.) Or the parent that is carrying a plastic pumpkin bucket and says, “It’s for little Marissa…she’s in the van.” Or the kid you’re sure you saw just a half an hour ago, back for more. Yes, lots of little (or big) scam artists out and about. I figure if they are THAT desperate for a piece or two of candy, they must need it more than I need to hang onto it.

So, I’m sure some of you might be saying, “Why do you do it? Just turn off the lights and close the door, and pretend not to be home!” But I couldn’t do that! It’s Halloween, for goodness’ sake!


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