The Loud Family


I’m betting you’ve all encountered one. Perhaps at a restaurant, in an airport, at the movie theater, or in your neighborhood. The Loud Family. Everything about them is loud. Annoyingly loud. Always.

You’re in a restaurant, hoping to have a nice meal and some conversation with your friends, and you get seated next to The Loud Family. Their conversation quickly becomes way more important than yours could ever be. They ramp up the volume until you not only know everything about them, but you can’t hear yourself think, let alone have your own conversation at your table. They ask about beer options LOUDLY, they order LOUDLY, and then they even eat LOUDLY.

You get seated on the plane, heading to your much-needed vacation, and, as luck would have it, behind you is The Loud Family. Before take-off, they are on their cell phones, having LOUD conversations with the loved ones they will not be able to speak with for the next few hours. Their children are LOUDLY demanding this or that, ratcheting up their volume each time they are ignored by their parents, who are busy talking LOUDLY to each other.

The movie is about to start, and you are all settled in with your popcorn and Milk Duds, ready to enjoy the movie you’ve waited weeks to see. Just before the movie starts, in comes The Loud Family. And, of course, they sit right behind you. There is LOUD discussion as to who sits next to whom. There is much LOUD whining and complaining as to who got what concession items, and who did not. Then, just when you think they are settled in, and ready to watch the movie, you hear an obnoxious ringtone, and dad takes the call (of course.) Not only does he take the call, but he feels the need to yell LOUDLY in order to be heard over the movie.

Then there’s the ultimate Loud Family. I’m not talking about people who just talk loudly while you are in contact with them in a public place, although that can certainly be annoying. I’m talking about neighbors, who you are stuck being near when you are relaxing at home. EVERYTHING about them is loud. Their car has no muffler. Their lawn mower sounds like a small plane taking off, and sputters and revs. Their leaf blower sounds like a chain saw, in YOUR living room. They take off on a motorcycle in the wee hours of the morning that sounds like Sturgis at full-tilt.

And, yes, there’s the loud talking, too. Everything seems to be screamed or shouted, as if at a distance. Their kids are screamers. Not just the usual screaming when a child is hurt or scared. Oh, no…I’m talking about just screaming for no apparent reason. And when one screams, and gets attention that way, the siblings learn to scream, too, compounding the issue for the neighbors. And the dog, which seems to have been acquired only to store in a crate in the back yard, barks, whines, and yips all the time. Go figure. Wonder where he learned that?

I have to wonder, do these people realize their extreme volume? They seem to have a very high tolerance for noise, themselves. Perhaps they believe everyone has the same tolerance. Do they just not care? Do they feel their conversation IS more important than anyone else’s? Are they hard of hearing, and don’t realize they’re being that loud? A lot of funny movies and TV shows have been made with LOUD characters in them. When The Loud Family watches these shows, do you think they recognize themselves, or do they just shout on their cell phones throughout the shows, and miss the point entirely?


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  1. They miss the point entirely…. I know because they live quite close to me. Please note the number of dogs is four. And there are chickens. I am disturbed also by how quickly I can become a shouter when talking to them. Thanks for another great post!

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