My Tiny Addiction


You may recall a post I did a long while back about my new-found hobby…making fairy gardens. I started out making three of them, which are on my porch and in my yard. I love them! As I mentioned in that post, they combine three of my favorite things…miniatures, gardening, and themes. Well, I’ve recently realized a 4th favorite thing of mine that fairy gardens include…garage sales! My garaging has taken on a whole new focus…miniatures, containers, accessories…just about anything that might work in a fairy garden. And now, I am addicted.

I ended up making three more fairy gardens shortly after my first three. I had accumulated some items found at garage sales, and still had a small pile of things I’d gathered from around the house. I said to myself, “OK, that was fun. Now I can be done.” What was I going to do with these extra fairy gardens, anyway?

It turns out that was just the beginning. My garaging led me to more and more fairy garden items, and ideas for new themes, containers, etc. I even went on a fairy garden expedition with my friend, who took me to a special nursery about an hour away that sold fairy garden plants. I was delighted to find that there are miniature ferns, in more than one variety! And so many succulents!

So, I did what anyone with a pile of tiny plants and tiny items might do…I made six more fairy gardens. At this point, I was up to nine. I decided to take them to our local farmers’ market, and try to sell some of them. It wasn’t a big deal to me to make money from this hobby, but it made sense. If I liked them, maybe others would like them, too. I’ve only sold 4 of them so far, but I’m tickled that anyone wanted to buy one. The best part is that lots of people ooh and ah over them.

Of course, this is not over. It’s not enough that I made some for myself, made some to share and sell, and found that people like them. Nope. I still keep finding things at garage sales for future fairy gardens. I’ve always thought it amazing that if you are looking for something specific, you will start finding just that at the sales you go to. One summer I found 14 different martini glasses at several different sales for an upcoming martini party I was having…just like they were put there for me, over and over again! But I digress…this is about the fairies.

My friends have started bringing me containers and miniature items to use in my gardens. Some of them are going through their own homes, grabbing objects to bring me. Others are watching for things at garage sales, and snagging the perfect little items. It’s somehow ok that they are feeding this addiction of mine. Far better a friend should bring you a tiny wheelbarrow than a stash of prescription drugs.

I’ve included a few photos for your viewing pleasure…

IMG_1080 IMG_1188 IMG_1190 IMG_1192 IMG_1207 IMG_1208



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