It Takes All Kinds


Today I was in a situation where there was an informal gathering of around 15 people. In that small group, just about every type of person was represented. Some I knew well, some just peripherally, and some not at all. I didn’t select the members of the group…I was just one of them. The thing that tied us all together was music.

Each person’s musical tastes were different from the next. There were very young people there, and fairly old. Some sang and played while others just listened. Each person who sang or played had a style all their own. If any of us were forming a band, we likely would not have chosen any or all of the members of this group to be in it. We were thrown together by chance. The thing that tied us all together was music.

As I looked around at this patched together gang of songsters, I marveled at the way everyone sort of bonded in our short time together. We laughed when we didn’t know the words and were faking our way through a song. We cheered on those who bravely sang alone, when none of the rest of us knew the words. We shared our favorite tunes with total strangers. The thing that tied us all together was music.

The most amazing part of the whole night was that every person was having the best time! No matter if we forgot some lyrics, or sang off key, or wouldn’t have asked for a particular song that was played, we all had fun. The thing that tied us all together was music.

There’s a lot of unhappiness in the world. Bad things happen. Every day, we can choose to focus on the sadness, the hurt, the fear, the anger, or the frustrations we face in our lives. Sometimes it overcomes us, and sometimes we isolate ourselves in our negativity. But tonight, for a couple of hours, these people who happened to end up together were focusing on the good stuff. Together. The thing that tied us all together was music.

Wouldn’t it be grand if we all took time more often to sing?


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  1. What a beautiful snapshot of “community”. You captured the essence of “differences” (in this case people)… music as the glue…. and presented a perfect picture of harmony. Thanks for that……

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