Go You Chicken Fat, Go!


I just saw a commercial for the iPhone5S that features a song I could not believe I was hearing! The commercial focused on using your iPhone to get fit, because we all know that a smartphone can really take the pounds off! The background music for this commercial is the Chicken Fat song that we used to have to exercise to way back in middle school!

Just a couple of years ago, I was trying to find the song on the interwebs to share with some young friends. I know I sounded fairly ridiculous, getting so excited, reminiscing about this song, and how miserable it made us in gym class, but how much it had stuck in my brain all these years. And now, it’s famous, thanks to the folks at Apple.

The commercial shows different people exercising in very stylish workout gear, in very poised positions. It makes exercising look graceful and powerful. But when we “worked out” to that record OVER, and OVER again, in our God-awful gym suits, I’m pretty sure we didn’t look quite so stylish. No…I’m pretty sure there was a lot of pain on our faces, sweat on our brows, and agony in our groans. That record could KILL a kid!

In the commercial, there’s that sleek iPhone, tracking their heart rates, calories burned, and all that good stuff. We listened to it on a record player. The standard brown record player that was in EVERY classroom in America in the 1960’s. Scratchy, grainy sound, blaring and vibrating through those old speakers so there was a buzz in the background. And the only thing being tracked was my head figuring out how long it would be until I either puked or passed out, and how embarrassing that would be.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a link to a video featuring the song, reflecting the era from which it came:




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  1. We actually have a recording of that song! I think it was among some of the old vinyl we inherited from my parents. They had boxes and boxes of old records. We could burn you a copy if you’d like – just hit me up.

  2. I have no memory of this song whatsoever, and at first I thought you were hallucinating a bit. But last night, I saw a commercial (I believe it was for the iPhone 5s) which featured what must have been various exercise or fitness apps, showing lots of physical activity with this song playing throughout the duration of the ad. So it’s real AND bizarre!

  3. OK, I’m an idiot. One, I can’t seem to figure out how to edit my last comment. Two, I now see that you described the same commercial in your first paragraph. So maybe I’m hallucinating!

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