Did a Little Gardening This Weekend


Today I created my first 3 fairy gardens. A couple of weeks ago, it dawned on me that fairy gardening is the perfect hobby for me. It’s all about some of my favorite things: gardening, miniatures, themes, and magic. How did I not figure this out earlier? Regardless of timing, I dove into the idea head first. I started gathering items from around the house that could become fairy garden accessories. Fortunately, I already have collected miniatures for many years, so I had quite the stockpile to choose from. I started searching and pinning fairy garden ideas on Pinterest, and created a new Fairy Gardens board. I went and bought several miniature plants…well at least the plants that don’t get too huge. I was all set!


As I gathered all the things, several themes started to rise to the top. I had an old wooden cottage, a souvenir I’d picked up on some vacation long ago. I envisioned a cottage by the trunk of a tree, with a picket fence, some moss…a quaint little scene. It came together with the acquisition of some miniature white picket fencing purchased at a garage sale, two small wooden chairs from a free pile at another garage sale, a hunk of tree fungus from yet another garage sale, and several ideas from Pinterest for a bead and wire wind chime, a marble lined pond nestled in a ring of tree roots, a small stone fire ring, complete with a small pile of firewood (twigs), and a path made of white rocks. I got moss off the garage roof and from around the yard, added a miniature chicken in the yard, a wee frog by the pond, a tiny turtle by the house, and a tiny deer. I lined the area with rocks to hold the soil, and planted two of the small plants. It’s perfect!


The second theme was fairy laundry day. I got a small washtub and a miniature washboard at a garage sale, and added twig posts with string for a laundry line. I cut up a small chiffon jewelry bag to make a tiny tu-tu for the clothes line, and used mini clothespins I had for crafting. I added lots of moss, some plants, a tiny frog and a tiny turtle, and made some beaded wire wands to stick in the yard. This one is built in an old tin pan that has been laying in the back yard for many years.


The third theme was in honor of one of my cats, Stella Blue, who has gone on to the next stop. Her resting place in the front yard is by a flower bed, just under the wind chimes. I used an old wooden bushel basket lid for a “dish”, and filled it with tiny bird houses, birds, plants, and a small bell on a wire shepherd’s hook. I crafted a birdbath out of an old wooden thread spool, with a bottle cap glued on top, painted blue inside to look like water. I added a twisted, beaded wire wand for a splash of color to attract the birds. I felt the birds were a fitting way to pay homage to old Stella.


I learned some things about fairy gardening today. It’s addictive. It’s much harder than it seems. It’s a putzey hobby, which I love. It’s a lot like playing with toys when you were a kid…you lay them all out, use your imagination, and set the scene. It’s also evident that the gardens are never finished. I’ve already gone back to each one to add items all afternoon. And although I ran out of oomph this afternoon, I have more plants and “stuff” and many ideas for more gardens. But for now, I wait for the fairies.



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