The Human Touch


Over the years, I’ve had 12 cats. Each one has had its own unique personality and habits. Cats are known for their independence, and some might even call them aloof and disinterested. But all cats have the need for human contact. They may spend most of their time on their own, entertaining themselves, hiding, or napping, but eventually, they will seek out their humans for some hands-on time.

I have had some cats who like to sleep with me. One even used to like to get under the covers and curl up behind my knees when I slept on my side. I’ve had some who are lap cats, and like to sit on me whenever I sit down. I had one cat who was an avid reader, and every time I’d open a newspaper and spread it out to read, she’d get right in the middle of it and lay down, just to spend some quality time with me.

Then there are the pushers. Some get on top of you and do what I call the pusha-pusha, or the kneading that they might do with their biological mothers. The head-butters will push their noses against you very aggressively, begging for pets. And the slinkers will walk past you and rub up against you as they pass, turning and going back and forth until you pet them.

I have one cat that visits me in the bathroom, rubbing up against my legs for pets. That same cat will come and try to sit in my lap as soon as I put my laptop in my lap, making it impossible to continue using the computer. I once had a cat that liked to get into the tub as soon as I finished my shower, and lap up the drops of water left behind. I also had a cat that was curious about bubble baths, and would come very close to jumping right in with me on occasion.

I also have one particularly fickle cat. She meows and rubs against you, begging for pets. Then as soon as you start to pet her, she does the MEH! meow (translation = Stop touching me!) and swishes away, turning her butt to you. Then she comes right back around and repeats the whole routine. She is also the hair chewer. She gets up on the back of the sofa and chews on my curly locks. Talk about quality time together! Another one likes to come around as soon as I put food on the island in the kitchen, and turn and swish her tail over my plate. In case you are not a cat person, cat hair IS a spice! And a cat turning his or her butt to your face is the highest compliment, I assure you!


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  1. “I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.” — Winston Churchill

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