Guest Post: I Miss Winter by Jenny Hill


Another fun post from my friend, Jenny. Don’t forget to visit her website to see her beautiful, hand-woven rugs, and more!

I miss winter. I really do. Please hear me out before you get the cauldron of hot oil ready to pour over me.

I think I miss winter because there’s just so much…leeway. In what other season can you go up one pant size and blame it on the weather?  

And snow. I miss the snow, too. What other time of year can you call into work and say, “I can’t come in today because I am stuck in my own driveway?” and no one questions the plausibility of your excuse?

The leeway even extends to social obligations. When else can you cut uncomfortable visits short due to impending storms? “Better safe than sorry,” you say as you bolt out the door. And no one disagrees.

So many people rejoice now over the longer hours of sunlight. Obviously, they’ve forgotten all the benefits of the cover of night. For entire months we were allowed to bask in the flicker of our televisions or computers, while winter raged on outside. 

Are we to turn our backs on our digital friends just because our very bones yearn for Vitamin D provided by the sun? Should we really fill our lungs with some of the sweetest air nature has to offer while enjoying tweets, the real kind, with our ears?

Yes, yes and yes. Because, frankly, I feel like something damp stuck to the underside of a piece of wood which was frozen to the earth all winter. I know what will fix me. Sun. And more sun. For that, I will even brave the sight of myself in last year’s capri pants.



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