Shameless Promotion


I am trying to start doing some freelancing in addition to my regular job. It’s something I enjoy doing, and would like to do more often. I’ve offered myself up, in a minimal sort of fashion, as a writer, editor, event planner, tutor, document designer, website creator, and more. But I have a serious problem…I don’t do well with self-promotion. I feel like I’m bragging, or acting all haughty when I toot my own horn. And I hate people who have that holier-than-thou attitude, so I find myself caught up in this inner conflict, holding me back from attracting more business.

At the suggestion of a good friend, I decided to write a blog post about my feelings on this topic, in the hopes that it will get me over the hump when it comes to promoting my business. In my logical brain, I know I am capable, responsible, and creative, and I have skills to share. But from my teeny-weeny puddle of self-esteem, I have a hard time scooping together even a spoonful of self-promotion.

I’ve made great strides these last few months…I quit a job after finally realizing I was miserable and it was never going to get better, taking a huge risk that I might not find work. In a twist of fate totally out of line with my usual luck, the stars aligned, and I landed a wonderful job before the ink was even dry on my resignation letter. But the months of agonizing over my miserableness and this job change had started a chain of events in which I began honoring my passions, instead of always erring on the side of caution. I started to pursue some things I enjoy doing, just for the sake of enjoying them. I started this blog, just to write for fun. I started to learn about freelance writing, and the world of virtual assistants. I started to consider how I might make a living, if I were to quit my job.

All of this was totally out of my usual comfort zone. In my life, you HAVE to have a job. And if you have a good job, even if you don’t totally love it, you KEEP it, because you need to be responsible and pay the rent. You NEVER quit a job, without another job lined up. (Except that one time, when I moved to Minnesota, I guess.) But, other than that one time, I’m usually all about job security. Play it safe. Don’t rock the boat. Remain secure, at all costs.

I slowly started telling people about my plan to start doing some freelancing. I created a website, and started sharing it with some friends. I also started sharing my blog with friends. It was scary. Really scary. What if they thought it was ridiculous? What if they laughed? What if they didn’t laugh? What if they thought I couldn’t do it? I got braver as time passed, and started telling more of my friends and acquaintances. Finally, I just punched the button on my blog, setting it to post each of my blog posts to my Facebook page. So, it was done. I had outed myself. My blog linked to my website. My Facebook page was seen by hundreds of friends. What had I done???

It was both frightening, and exhilarating when that first blog post went out on Facebook. But it ended up generating a lot more visits to my blog, which, for some reason, just THRILLED me! Now it wasn’t just my 3 or 4 best friends reading what I wrote…it was EVERYONE! Total STRANGERS were reading what I wrote! And they were liking it! And they started following my blog! For a really inhibited girl, this is monumental!

So, after a month or two of being out there with my blog, I’ve decided to also out my website in a more obvious way. I’m going to share the link with you, my readers. I hope you’ll take a minute to visit my website, see what I have to offer, and share the link with anyone you might know who might need my services. I’m flexible, efficient, and affordable, and would love to help you out with whatever you need. I’m at your Beck and Call!

OK…there! I said it! And here is the link:


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  1. Good for you. It was really scary when I quit my real job to follow my passion. That was 29 years ago and things worked out well.

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