Grand Opening


Today was the Grand Opening. No, not of a sports season, or a new restaurant. It was grand opening day for the great outdoors. This is the first day that is warm enough, and sunny enough, to haul out all of your outdoor furniture, planters, and bird feeders. Open the windows and put in the screen doors, and let in some fresh air. This year in Minnesota, grand opening day is arriving a little later than usual. We had a teaser about a month ago, but it was too short-lived to act upon. And even now, it’s sort of tentative…I’m not totally convinced winter is finished with us yet. BUT…for today, the yard and porch are open!

So, this morning, I braved the scary Dorothy basement (of which I’ve spoken before) to get the screen doors, and store the storm doors. After switching out the doors to the front porch, I went out to the carriage house to get the outdoor furniture. Everything was stacked just as I’d left it last October, waiting for the cart ride to the front porch. It took several trips to haul out all of the wicker chairs and tables for the front porch, as well as the chairs for the fire ring, and front yard. I also set up the birdbath, and pulled out the planters and hanging baskets, which will get filled with flowers soon.

I had to spend some time on the porch swing with Polly the pooch, which we both LOVE. Had my coffee out there between trips to get more stuff out. Then, after I’d set up the furniture, I opened up the house. Slid up the storm windows, and let in the spring breezes. Then I had to sit out in the sunshine for just a bit. I’ve so been waiting for the feel of the warm sun on my face. Ahhh. What a calming feeling. Until the rest of the world started celebrating their grand openings, and the disturbances began.

Unfortunately, open windows, and sitting outside have their down sides, too. You get to hear all of the noise that was locked out all winter. Neighbor dogs barking. Kids playing and screaming. Parents yelling at screaming kids. Cars that need muffler work driving by. Motorcycles blaring. And did I mention kids screaming??

And in my zeal for letting in the great outdoors, I forgot how cool my house stays. I left the screen doors open, and before I knew it, it was 51 in the house. So…much as I hated to, I had to close the doors, and bump up the heat a bit. Darn! All in all, even with the setbacks, it was a great day! And now that the house, porch and yard are spring-ready, it will only take a moment to reach out and touch the great outdoors at any time. I have tasted the warm sunshine, and I will not forget!


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  1. I love your porch…. and can’t wait to sit there, right along side you and Polly— and figure out the world as best we can.!

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