High-Strung House Hunters


One of my favorite shows is House Hunters on HGTV. I have always loved looking at houses, and am always curious as to what houses that I pass look like on the inside. I love looking at the real estate listings, and have even considered becoming a real estate agent, just so I could quench my thirst for looking at houses. In many ways, this show is perfect for me. I don’t have to go anywhere, yet I can see houses all over the country. And if I also watch House Hunters International, or Island Hunters, I can see some great vacation possibilities. And I enjoy the naïve couples on Property Virgins, and the handsome twins pulling off impossible renovations on Property Brothers. Then there’s Love It Or List It, with the fake fighting hosts and pissed off families. They each have their quirks, which is what makes them extra entertaining.

First, you have to remember that these are TV shows, and TV shows are made to make money. As is true of most “reality” TV, there is very little about it that is real. I can usually put this aside, since I really just like looking at the real estate. But I thought I’d share with you just some of the things that drive me a bit batty while trying to get my real estate fix.

First of all, there are the upper-crusty couples who start by saying they want to downsize, and then proceed to look at three mansions, and at each one whine about how there’s just not enough room for them. Then there are the couples who disagree about what type of house they want, and probably never should have gotten married in the first place, since they have so little in common. And we have the couples where the woman is obviously in charge, and the wimpy man will totally fold on his own must-haves to avoid the wrath of the wifey. And Property Virgins is famous for featuring couples that are not only house hunting, but also proposing marriage as part of the deal. What better way to take that big step than to do it on “reality” TV, with everyone watching. Genuine, eh?

It’s not just the people that are annoying…it’s the terminology. I think the people chosen to be on the show must get paid extra for every buzzword they can work into the show. We need an open floor plan. I have to have granite countertops. Oh, I can’t do without stainless appliances. The walk-in closet is a deal-breaker. This kitchen HAS to be updated. He has to have his man cave. This is a great bonus room. I hate this wallpaper. The paint color is awful. Tray ceilings, crown molding, dual sinks, hardwood floors, an island in the kitchen, outdoor space, no garage, yard’s too small, yard’s too big, too close to the highway, not close enough to the highway, too far from downtown, too far out in the country, not a split level…the list is endless!

And the funny part is that usually the buyers settle for the house that least fits their original criteria! But I still get to see all kinds of houses, and muse at all kinds of people’s quirks, so keep ’em coming, HGTV!



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  1. I love the “miracle” Property Brothers also perform first: parking a portable storage unit in the driveway and insisting the owners pack up clutter. My house would be ready for the market tomorrow with one of those too…

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