Freaky Furries


I’ve discovered that there are a lot of “things” that are “things” that I never knew about. You know how you hear about something, and you turn to your friend or co-worker and say, “Is that a thing?” Well…the latest “thing” I heard about is furries. Now maybe some of you already knew about this. I did not. I am still sort of in shock, and have a LOT of questions that I probably don’t even want to ask.

So, I came home from work the other day, and happened to catch a bit of Dr. Phil. I will admit that sometimes I watch Dr. Phil, just for the shock factor. I don’t care for how he handles things, and I find most of his guests fairly ridiculous, but there’s something about seeing people air their often strange personal issues on television that is intriguing. And once in a while, a gem like the one I saw the other day comes along and makes it all worthwhile. On this day, Dr. Phil was talking to a young woman who was a “furry”, which I found out is a thing.

Apparently, furries are people who are more comfortable acting as if they are an animal. They wear large animal heads, or sometimes entire animal costumes. They attend parties and conventions, joining with other furries. I don’t even want to know exactly what they do at these conventions. They even name their animal personas. This young woman referred to this furry thing as a hobby. Her mother was concerned for her safety when hanging out with other furries.

Now I’m all for people doing just about anything that makes them happy, as long as they’re not hurting anyone. But this furry thing disturbs me a bit. Maybe it’s because I don’t know much about it, or understand just why these people feel the particular need to do this particular thing. How did someone come up with this idea? How did it become a thing?

I have asked myself these same questions upon learning about other things. I remember feeling this same shock and awe when I learned that there are adults who live as babies…in diapers, with pacifiers, eating baby food, sleeping in giant cribs. Or when I learned about people who eat shards of clay flower pots. I guess there are always going to be things that I didn’t know were things. After all, I don’t lead a wild and crazy life, or live in a big city, exposed to more people and more chances of encountering more things. At least I’m sure I no longer feel weird about talking to my pets.   


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  1. When reading this, i could actually hear your voice speaking the words, in my head. It makes reading your blog even better. 🙂

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