We All Fall Down


Well, it finally happened. I’m actually surprised that it didn’t happen sooner. After making it through a very long, icy winter, I finally took a digger on the ice yesterday on my way out of work. I’ve been walking like an old lady, and really trying to be careful, but the fresh, fluffy snow we had on top of the ice was just too much for me. You know that slow-motion moment where you know you’re going down, and there’s no stopping it? I had about 2 seconds to say, “Oh, *&$^%^! I’m going down!”

I landed in the hurkey position I so strived for at pom-pom tryouts back in high school, wrenching both of my old lady knees, and bruising one on the landing. Fortunately, I landed on my well-padded butt in the end, and never hit a wrist, elbow or head on the ice. Could’ve been way worse. There I sat, on the ground, in a less-than-comfortable position, wondering how I was going to get up without falling back down. Luckily I was able to use a co-worker’s car door handle to pull myself up (mine was useless, as it pulls up, so there’s nothing to hold onto.)

I dropped all the mail I was carrying, which went everywhere, and got wet in the snow. Some pieces went under my car, and I had to check THREE times for any strays under there before my OCD self could just get in the car and drive off. The seat of my pants had gotten wet from sitting in the snow long enough to try and position myself so I could get up. Then lots of snow fell inside my car while I rearranged what was in my hands before feeling safe enough to lift one foot to step into the car, filling my seat with snow. So, by the time I got home, I was soaked through.

Then I had to have a period of whining and moaning to myself about how I fell, and it hurt, and I was wet, and cold, and old. Yes, it was a gem of a scene. Good thing no one saw my graceful move. (And I DID look up and around immediately after falling, and again, after getting up, to be sure no one had seen anything. Needless to say, today I walked like an even older lady than usual, trying not to have an encore performance. 


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  1. My falls on the ice are never slo-mo; one moment i’m walking along, and the next thing i know i’m on the ground. It always happens while walking the dog, and he, of course, has to make sure mommy is okay… by licking my face. Glad you were not seriously injured.

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