Play It Again, Sam


I’ve noticed that there seem to be a lot of movie remakes the last few years. It started to bother me a little. Can’t we think up new ideas for movies? Were those old movies so bad, or so great, that they needed to be redone? What makes someone want to remake a movie? And are the remakes any better than the originals? So, I did some checking.

First, I Googled movie remakes (hey, I can research with the best of ’em!) I went to Wikipedia first, since they usually have a pretty straightforward coverage of basic data. The first page that came up had a notice at the top of the page saying, “This is a list of film remakes. Due to the size of this page, the main listing has been split into two sections.” Now I knew it wasn’t just me imagining there were a lot of film remakes. There are hundreds of them!

I guess I could understand if there was this great movie from say the 50’s, which had scary monsters in it, that someone who is into all the make-up and special effects technology might want to take a stab at remaking it in spectacular fashion. And maybe if there were a movie that dealt with some historical event, and new information had come to light, I could see how someone would want to set the record straight with a remake. But did we really need a second Amityville Horror, Bad News Bears, or Endless Love?

Some films just shouldn’t be redone. They are classics, and we relate to the actors and actresses that played the parts in the original versions. Bringing along some new guy or gal can just ruin the whole thing. Take The Goodbye Girl, for instance. Richard Dreyfuss and Marsha Mason made that movie what it was for me. Then, along come Jeff Daniels and Patricia Heaton, and it’s just not the same. Similarly, in Brian’s Song, I watched James Caan die a slow death, while best friend Billy Dee Williams stands by his side and wins one for the gipper. I do not want to see Sean Maher and Mekhi Phifer take their places. I don’t even know who they are!


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  1. Great one Barb !!!!! Meiki Pfeifer ????? or whom ?????? They better leave the Disney Classics Alone ! … “Donald Duck Dynasty ???”

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