Yesterday I got the itch to go bummin’. This is a term my grandma used to use, and it meant shopping around for stuff you didn’t know you needed or wanted until you were cruising the aisles of some store. Back then, we didn’t have Target, or a mall, so this was small-scale, local, small-town shopping. Maybe the Walgreens five and dime, or maybe the hardware store. Just looking for junk. It was always fun to go with her, and I don’t even remember what we would buy. I’m sure it would involve gadgets for her house, or toys for me…maybe some of those plastic high heels with the elastic strap, or a necklace of plastic pop-together beads, or a tea set. It didn’t matter what we bought, but just that we were bummin’.

I have discovered as an adult, that I still get the itch to go bummin’ once in a while. It usually happens on a Saturday or Sunday, when I should be cleaning, or doing something productive. I just feel the need to go find some junk. Sometimes I go alone, and others I coerce some friend into going with me. Fortunately, I always seem to have at least one or two friends who share this affliction. I’ve been known to go quite some distance to go bummin’…when living in small towns and rural areas, you get used to driving up to an hour for real shopping, so the 15 minutes I invested in drive time yesterday was nothing.

Yesterday’s trip included my favorite semi-local “junk shop” (and I mean that in the best way), a shoe store, and two almost identical stores with “dollar” in their names, but nothing costs a dollar. The junk shop was my best haul. This place has EVERYTHING you can imagine…kitchen stuff, furniture, books, records, toys, crafty stuff, and odd collections of old matchbooks, buttons, bottle caps, BINGO cards, game pieces, beads, pictures, and other bits. You could get lost in there! I was in need of file folders, and just about to buy some new ones, but, as luck would have it, they had a box of PURPLE ones (my favorite color!) at a bargain price. I also walked out of there with 3 vintage rulers, which I sort of collect, and some sweet old cut-outs that will make fabulous Valentines next year. You may be thinking that isn’t much of a haul, but remember…it’s not about what you buy, it’s about the bummin’ experience.  


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