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When I opened my computer at work one day a few weeks ago, I was greeted with the familiar pop-up window that told me I had updates available, and was begging me to respond as to whether I wanted to install these updates now, or later. There was no option to NOT download and install…just the question as to WHEN I wanted to do so. Ya gotta love Windows, eh?

I was in a hurry, and had a new computer, new job, and wanted the newest things to help me zip through my work, so I clicked YES – hook me up with the latest and greatest, Windows! This is the part where I must interject a word or two of caution. Do NOT let your computer decide that you need shiny, new things. Do NOT accept an update or upgrade without being sure what you’re getting into. Do NOT trust that Windows knows what’s best for you at any given time.

You see, what happened that day was that I thought I was signing off on a quick update to a program, but what I did, in fact, was to agree to hours of downloading and installing the “upgrade” to Windows 8.1. And the kicker was that during this download and installation, many of the features of my brand new computer were disabled or crippled, right down to the trackpad not working. I was dead in the water. What can you do without your computer these days? Then, the next shocker was that after the big upgrade finally was complete, Windows pinged me again saying that I had updates waiting to install, because some of my programs would not work now that I had “upgraded” to Windows 8.1, unless I agreed to these updates. It was a long list. It took FOREVER. It locked up my brand new computer over and over again. It was a nightmare.

But the best news is that after all was said and done, and I felt I was armed with the latest and greatest, indeed, I discovered that one of our major data management systems was not supported if I was running Windows 8.1. Huh. Again, dead in the water. I wanted my Windows 8 back! But I discovered that in order to do that, I was cautioned to first back up everything, as files and programs could be lost if I were to “downgrade” to Windows 8. I did a bit of quick research as to how/what to back up in this situation, and the instructions were so mind-boggling that I gave up.

This is not the first time that the process of “upgrading” has boggled my little brain. Right now I am caught between the rock and hard place of upgrading WordPress, which I think will solve some issues we are having, and risking losing content from our website as a result of the upgrade. So, I’m limping along with the old version until I gain knowledge and bravery. Why is it that when you go to a forum to try to solve your problems, you are almost always faced with a discussion as to how to “easily” solve your problem, if you just follow these “simple” steps, and step into the bowels of your computer. Oh, and did they mention you can lose all of your data? That is usually the point at which I turn tail and run.  


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  1. Thanks Babble On… very educational. I learned from my friend Rob to not “fall head over heels for any such invitation…. “. This confirms that very thing. Again, thanks for valuable heads up.

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