Share ‘Til It Hurts


I’m not one of those over-sharers on Facebook. I like to post pictures once in a while, I like to look at friends’ pictures, and I like to read and share some of the memes my friends share. I’ve come across some very funny pictures and cartoons through Facebook memes, as well as some very poignant information. And there have been several video shares that are so touching they have brought me to tears.


But since the interweb is so public, and anyone can create and share things these days, I’ve also seen some shares that are entertaining for very different reasons. They fall into a couple of categories: shares which contain errors, and shares which contain promises or threats. There are times when these shares have great content intended, and are something I would want to pass along to my friends. Unfortunately, though, there is always something that stops me.


The memes with spelling or grammar errors are the worst, I think. There are even hundreds of memes that have been created just to poke fun at misspelled memes! And if you correct someone’s posted meme, you’re the outcast, apparently! And some shares are attached to some outlandish promise like if I share this within 11 seconds, good fortune will come my way. Or the threat that if I don’t share this, something very bad will happen to me. And then there’s How many likes for this poor child? That one just makes me chuckle. As if this poor child KNOWS how many likes the picture got. Some of these types of memes are worded How many wishes for this kind man? What are we supposed to wish and how do we indicate that on Facebook? And there are also all of the promises that if you like and share this product picture, you will win something. Really? Right. And how about the I know which of my friends will post this on their timelines crusher? I’ve let down so many of my friends by not re-posting those! Sorry, guys!


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