Diversity and Dating


So, I was watching TV one night, and a commercial came on that caught my attention. It was for the Farmers Only dating site. I thought surely this must be a Saturday Night Live spoof. I tuned in more carefully, and discovered that it seemed to be a real dating site…for farmers! I’d seen ads for sites like E-Harmony, Match.com, and even ChristianMingle.com, but this Farmers Only thing just threw me for a loop. But I guess it makes sense…often times farmers are so busy tending the crops and livestock that they certainly don’t have time to hang out at the bars, cruising for dating material.


Then I started wondering if there were other dating sites with similarly specific criteria, so I did some research. Let me just say that I am glad I am not out there in the dating pool these days. I was shocked at the number of sites, let alone some of the strange groups that these sites are aimed at. Who would have thought that there needed to be a Mullet Passions dating site? Or Vampersonals, where you might bite off more than you can chew? Or maybe Gluten Free Singles, where you would never get caught in that awkward Lady and the Tramp moment where you are sharing a string of spaghetti? Then you have your Purrsonals, for the cat lover in all of us. And in the out there and even weirder category, we find Clown Dating, and Diaper Dating (for those adults who like wearing diapers – yes, it really exists!)


There are groups for the sports-minded, such as Equestrian Cupid, and Dating Sporty Singles. I wonder if Cupid fires the arrows from the saddle. And for those whose looks are less than perfect, Ugly Schmucks. Or for only the beautiful people, Darwin Dating. I wonder who sets the standards for these two? Or what happens if you deem yourself a candidate for the Darwin Dating site, when you really should have considered the Ugly Schmucks first. And of course, there are Gay Romeo, Biker Kiss, and Amish Dating. And there’s even a group for those who shouldn’t even BE dating, the Married Dating Site. Isn’t that an oxymoron?


Needless to say, I was wowed by the seemingly endless list of dating sites with such odd and specific themes. Then I started thinking how in my lifetime, we have moved from a very segregated society, to a much more integrated one. We have embraced diversity, for the most part, and it seems anything goes when it comes to couples. But then you have to wonder why we need all these dating sites that are aimed at drawing like spirits together, and encouraging a weird sort of segregation. I’m thinking of protesting this phenomenon and starting the “I’ll Go Out With Anyone” dating site, or maybe “Are You My Polar Opposite?”   


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  1. I think i’m married to my polar opposite. It has its advantages, (we help balance each other) but there are some areas where the disparity causes conflict. Is there a tree huggers only dating site? That sounds like a good one to me.

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